Free coaching for founders of regenerative initiatives

More flowing progress for the initiatives the world needs most.

Who is this for?

Maptio exists to support people making vital things happen in the world. We recognise that they often operate outside of the money flows of the business world so we are proud to offer free coaching to those who need it.

Does this sound like you?...

You are a founder of a regenerative initiative. That means you're going beyond just doing no evil or being sustainable. Those things are a given. Obvious.

You want to leave the world meaningfully better than it is today: Repair what's broken; protect what's vulnerable; or bring new things into the world that truly serve life.

You want to move beyond the industrial, consumer economy; be the change you want to see in the world.

Your initiative might take the form of a non-profit, a coop, a purpose-driven start-up, or a social movement.

You're working with a group of 12 - 150 people. Small, but big enough to experience challenges of organising humans around a worthwhile vision.

Our offer is open to anyone who fits this profile and doesn't have the money flows to pay for support. Those who have experienced marginalisation due to race, gender, sexuality or any other characteristic are especially encouraged to take the offer.

What is the support for?

Your team has a lot to get done. How you organise and break your big vision down into the smaller things that contribute to it is key to success.

You need to keep things dynamic and flexible yet not too chaotic. And certainly no old-school management bullshit that only gets in the way.

This support will help you figure out your next step to address your biggest challenge around how you organise your team. For example, it could be about team structure, roles, decision-making, or anything related to this that might be making things harder than they could be.

What's the format and who will I work with?

During two one-hour sessions on Zoom, we'll work together to think through how you're organised right now, and map it out visually using Maptio. The process will get you clearer about how everything fits together, and help surface issues that are getting in the way of the team making more flowing progress towards realising the collective vision. We'll prioritise those issues and figure out what needs to happen next. You'll finish up with more clarity, and a plan.

The support will be provided by me, Tom Nixon. I'm the author of Work with Source and the founder of Maptio. I've helped founders like you figure out how to organise around a purposeful vision. I'm offering this free coaching to a limited number of founders of regenerative initatives around my regular paid work. It will be my pleasure to support you, and you'll also be helping me because I'll use our experience of using Maptio together to improve it.

Just to be clear, there's no obligation to pay for Maptio. If you want to keep using it after our sessions, the hosted version has flexible, radically inclusive pricing that's set by each customer individually. We also offer free accounts to those unable to pay. Plus Maptio is open source so our code can be taken and used by anyone. If you find the session useful you could also say thanks by writing a blog or social media post about your experience.

Sounds good, how do I get started?

If you're a founder who fits the profile above then you can book a time that suits you for your first session. If you're not sure you're qualified, just contact us and let us know a bit more about what you're doing in the world. You can also contact us if you can't find an available slot (we may be able to free up an extra slot for you).

Ready to get started? No credit card needed.